Reflections African Jewelry, LLC

Artist: Sheinata Carn-Hall

Artist: Sheinata Carn-Hall

About The Artist

Sheinata Carn-Hall

Artist Sheinata Carn-Hall uses “gifts from the earth” to showcase her love for playful, brightly-colored stones and unexpected splendor. Her line employs beads from natural and recycled materials to craft one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings and bracelets that offer the strength of African, Cherokee and International Folk Art culture in each piece.

Most have a spiritual or religious significance to them. From conception to completion, each piece is remarkable. Sheinata handcrafts her Sandstone Memory Wire bracelet and Ghana African Trade Bead bracelet with sea glass, Venetian glass, coral, coconut shells and aluminum. Her signature earrings represent prosperity and good fortune and reflect the person wearing them; as no two pieces are alike. Flawless necklaces of intriguing textures celebrate vibrantly-colored, classic beads.

Sheinata has created trends bringing customers elegant designs that are valuable when assembled but are fascinating when the stories of how they are made are revealed. Cowbone Beads, Power Glass Beads, Ghana Brass Filigree Beads, African Trade Beads, Ethiopian Metal Beads, Ghana Glass Trade Beads, Kenya Beads, and more. They are small, perforated, and often round in shape. The historical significance behind African jewelry has influenced her to pursue a career in jewelry design. Throughout history, African beads have been valued as currency and as an artistic medium.

But beyond the process of cultivating creative jewelry, the company’s passion for giving back to the community is remarkable. Sheinata believes in supporting abused women, homeless children, wellness and educating the local community about the rich African and Native American culture that still exists today. She prides herself on the ability to build strong customer relationships, and believing that all nationalities can unite for a good cause. The primary goal of Reflections African Jewelry LLC is to produce the finest quality wearable art in the world. 

Reflections African Jewelry LLC cultivates, connects and celebrates African and Native American history with today’s collectors. Her jewelry serves as conversation starters and those who wear it feel a kinship to the artist. Through her creative and innovative efforts, Sheinata Carn-Hall has made a significant difference in the lives of those around her.