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African Jewelry: The Benefits of Wearing Natural Elements

Sheinata Carn-Hall1 Comment

Beads are among Africa's most important and intruiging symbols. They have the largest variety of materials from glass to bone. The way that the beads are worn and the types of beads that are worn represents a perspective or sense of self by the wearer. Since it is believed to have an energy or purpose the African bead is considered an effective healing tool. As an African Jewelry Designer for many years I have had many customers come back and share some of their experiences while wearing the jewelry. Some of them have shared healing moments that occured while wearing my work. If we can think about how a crystal or stone is a natural element and compare it to the natural elements that I use to create the jewelry it is easy to see how my artwork (African Jewelry) offers healing benefits. Visit our website to check out the collection.