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The African Headwrap

Sheinata Carn-HallComment

The African headwrap has become an exotic symbol and fashion statement probably at it's conception. Each headwrap gives the wearer a chance to express Africa and African fashion in their own unique way. However there is much more to the headwrap then the beautiful colors and fascinating style. There is a rich cultural history.

The headwrap originated in sub sahara Africa. It represents spirituality, prosperity and humility. Even men in Africa wear headwraps to symbolize wealth and social status. Headwrapping is literally a way that Africans for centuries have been able to non verbally communicate their place in life. Head wraps also serve as a practical function protecting the head from the rays of the sun. In West Africa headwraps are called Gele in Yoruba, Ichafu in Ibo and turbans in the Middle East. I hope that I have inspired you to go look up some of the other symbols and meanings of this exotic fashion statement.